Renaissance Periodization


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Renaissance Periodization

At Renaissance Periodization, we see our mission as that of delivering the most effective, scientifically sound and reliable diet and training consultation to anyone who wants to use it to achieve results. When it comes to your goals and aspirations in the areas of physique alteration, sports performance, and health, we're passionate about helping you target your time and efforts doing what works, and avoiding what doesn’t.

With a team comprised of an unrivaled number of PhDs, RDs and top researchers and athletes in the industry, RP is proud to leverage the collective knowledge and experience of our team to guide you towards success on your fitness journey. The transformations we're well-known for on social media are more than skin deep, but also help our clients make permanent, healthy lifestyle changes. We're grateful for every opportunity we get to support a client on his or her fitness journey, and look forward to supporting you on yours!

At RP, we live and breathe fitness, nutrition and sport, as well as educating whoever wants to learn. Whether in university classrooms, international scientific seminars or at our local gyms and sports events, we love to share our know-how so that more and more people from all walks of life can apply and benefit from it. Though all members of our highly qualified team also live the fitness lifestyle, what sets RP apart is our commitment to data driven analysis over personal anecdotes. Everything we do is built on a foundation of peer-reviewed literature and experimentally confirmed theory.

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