The shredded academy vol 2

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The Program

This is an 8 week program meant as a progression from Frater's 'The Shredded Academy Vol 1'. The Shredded Academy vol. 1. V2 takes into account the strength and conditioning you’ve already built and takes it up a level. This program aims to heighten your body awareness, body control, strength, power, mobility and overall body movement. Most importantly, you are going to feel incredible.

The workouts incorporate supersets and every workout ends in a 5 minute skills/mobility training section. You train everything from L-sits, to pistol squats, handstands, and more. In addition, every 2 weeks an entire day is devoted to mobility training. Through focusing on mobility as much as strength, the program aims to help you increase your overall performance drastically.

The program is accessible via the Fit! app (for iOS users) or via the web portal.

Added Bonuses

When you purchase the Shredded Academy Volume 1 you'll also get access to:

  • The private Facebook community and tutorial videos for each of the exercises.
  • 100+ HD Exercise Tutorials including over 30 new exercises (compared to volume 1)
  • 24/7 email support for questions/help

Equipment Required

You do not need a gym membership in order to complete this program, all you will need is access to a pull up bar for some of the workouts. The program is 100% bodyweight.

Refunds and Cancellation

Cancellations within the first 48 hours of purchase are eligible for refund.

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