Movement Specific mobility

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The Program

Barbell Shrugged's Movement Specific Mobility program is a comprehensive guide on the correct techniques for performing squats (full-depth front, back, and overhead squats), and deadlifts and sumo deadlifts. Often, a limitation in your mobility is what is preventing you from performing a movement with good form. However, it is not always clear what that limitation is. The Barbell Shrugged Movement Specific Mobility program takes you through a series of movements to help you identify where you lack mobility, and what movement drills you need to do to improve your mobility. By doing so, the guide aims to help you lift with good form.

Ensuring that your body can move through the range of motion required to perform a movement correctly makes sure that the stress is placed on your muscles rather than on your joints. In time this will help you grow bigger and stronger while avoiding injuries.

Added Bonuses

You'll also receive:

• Video tutorials for each of the exercises (these are linked in the program pdf)

• 100% digital course, which can be accessed anywhere in the world!

Check out the sample workouts, reviews and the Official NextSet Program Analysis below.

Refunds and Cancellations

Full refund within 90 days of buying the program, no questions asked.

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