Bulletproof Shoulders Bundle

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The Program

Get strong, Get Mobile, Train Pain Free. The Bulletproof shoulders bundle is the ultimate bundle for training your shoulders. It contains three programs worth close to $150 in total, and two big bonuses totalling a value of close to $300.

The bundle starts off with the "Boulders for Shoulders" program. This program focuses on shoulder mobility and stability. This is important because without proper range of motion you are adding strength to dysfunction and it is the recipe for injury. (individual cost of the "Boulders for shoulders" program: $47)

Once you have established proper range of motion through your shoulder movements, the OTC: 1 Rep Max Bench Press Program (individual cost: $47) teaches you how to load the shoulder joint safely, and start building strength.

The final step in the Bulletproof shoulders program is learning to move through your shoulders with speed and power using the olympic lifts. The OTC: 1rm Jerk Program (individual cost: $47) is an olympic lifting program that does exactly this.

The goal is this bundle is to leave you with the ultimate shoulders - strong, mobile, but most importantly healthy.

Added Bonuses

In the bundle, you also receive a pack to help with recovery and gain muscle:

• Maximum Mobility (individual cost: $197) – details warm-ups, recovery, and mobility

• Nutrition for Weightlifters (individual cost: $97) – eating effectively to gain muscle

Check out the sample workouts, reviews and the Official NextSet Program Analysis below.

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