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Every workout on the Down Dog 7 minute workout app is 7 minutes long. You can choose from the traditional 7 Minute Workout or a 7 Minute Workout with new exercises every time. Tailor your workout by targeting specific body parts you want to focus on, as well as the level of difficulty, and keep motivated with music that matches your movement. Get access to 7 minute workouts for as long as you pay the subscription fee. With your subscription you'll also be able to get offline access to your favourite workout videos.

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May 2020

Tried this app for the first time recently as it's free until June 1st. Really impressed! It lets you choose the focus of the workout as well as the level of difficulty you want (for upper body, lower body and core), and the type of music you want for the workouts. What's great is that even if you choose the same difficulties and same focus every time the sequence of exercises it gives you is different. The experience of the workout itself is also really good. You follow a continuous 8 minute video - each exercise playing back to back. You do 30 seconds of an exercise and then rest for 10 seconds (during the rest you get a demonstration of the next exercise). Once you start the workout you don't need to touch your phone until you're done. This is a lot better experience than apps like Nike Training Club, which gets frustrating as you have to keep picking up your phone to move to the next exercise demonstration, and there is no in-built timer. Other added bonuses of this app are that you can adjust the level of the music relative to the instructors guidance, and it shows you the songs that were played during the workout so you can save any that you really liked! Overall I am really impressed and if you're looking for an app to get a quick workout in during quarantine then I would recommend that you give it a go!

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