Hot Off The Press

June 2021

Is continuous glucose monitoring the next big craze in health tracking?

What is continuous glucose monitoring and does it really work? This week we take a look at continuous glucose monitoring and the brands aiming to help you buy a CGM and start tracking your glucose levels.

October 2020

What’s the scoop? Do you need to take casein before bed?

Should you consume casein before bed? Have you ever wondered what the current science says about casein? Find out more in this NextSet blog post.

October 2020

How many calories should I eat? The ultimate guide to determining how many calories you should eat to lose fat or gain muscle.

Ever asked yourself "How many calories should I eat?" In this 5 part series we go over what really matters when it comes to losing fat and gaining muscle.

October 2020

A guide to choosing a workout program. What makes a good workout program?

Ever found yourself asking "Do I really need a workout program?". In this post we explore when you need a workout program, and what makes a good program.

July 2020

RP Gym Free - The Science Behind The Program

Wondering whether the RP Gym Free program is a good option for your at-home training? In this post we dive into the science behind the program to see what makes it effective.

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